Finally a Conclusion

I see that it’s been exactly ten months since I last posted. And to think that I promised to keep you posted on my extremely fascinating raw cat food dilemma. (Come on, I know you think it’s fascinating. Don’t act like you don’t care.)

So here’s a nutshell version of the past ten months or so – regarding the cat food, of course. I’m not going to go through every little detail of my whole life in the past ten months. Now that would be boring indeed.

I’ve decided against raw food as their sole means of nourishment. If I had to pinpoint one event that led me to the decision, it would be the time that the white one had a rabbit bone stuck in her throat for a couple of hours. That freaked me out, I have to say, especially since she couldn’t get it out on her own. We ended up getting the bone out very easily that time, but I had to wonder what would have happened if it got stuck somewhere else?

To go along with the rabbit bone incident, I had a couple minor misgivings. First was the sanitary concern. Both of my cats loved to drag the raw meat across the floor, sometimes even to the carpet. So that meant I was doing a lot of spot cleaning every day. That wasn’t going to work long-term.

Second was the practical concern. These raw pellets are frozen. You have to move them from the freezer to the refrigerator, and eventually to the counter top for about half an hour before feeding (you know cats can’t eat cold food). So each day you have to move the right number of pellets from the freezer to the refrigerator. Let’s just say that wasn’t happening like it should have been.

So I researched and chose a canned food. I chose Nature’s Logic, which I order online. I settled on that brand because it has no preservatives or fillers. It also contains no by-products of anything. I’m not thrilled about the fruits, vegetables and cottage cheese, but that stuff has got to be better than grains and mysterious things. And I ran Nature’s Logic by two vets and they both approved with exclamation points.

It comes in rabbit, chicken and duck with salmon. The rabbit is the best, or so I assume by their reactions. The chicken is fine, but the duck/salmon mix took some getting used to.

So there you have it.

The End


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