Rabbit Eaters

I conducted an experiment this weekend: I fed raw rabbit to my two healthy cats.

I just wanted to see if they would even like a raw diet. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m leaning toward buying a premixed supplement which I will add to store bought ground meat. But before placing an order and waiting for the powder to come in the mail (my impatience won’t tolerate that sort of thing), I decided to buy frozen raw cat food just to see what would happen.

My sister pointed me to a place nearby where I bought a bag of 48 raw rabbit medallions. They’re about mouse sized—perfect!

The Experiment

I took them home and popped a few in the refrigerator to thaw (microwaving them would have totally defeated the purpose, of course). Several hours later, the time had finally arrived to conduct my experiment! I cut a medallion in half and smashed the meat onto two separate plates and set them on the kitchen floor.

I then shouted “Treat!” which is a magical word in our house. Out of nowhere bolt two big middle-aged cats, sliding on the wood floor, anxious to see what wonderful snacks the two plates held in store for them.

The Results

Tara dug right in without even thinking twice. She ate almost all the contents of one plate—even chewing the big pieces—walked over to Oscar, lay down in front of him and rolled around on the ground in some sort of ecstasy. Or maybe she was just showing off—who knows, I can’t read cat’s minds. After a while she got up and ate some of Oscar’s rabbit, then proceeded to the living room for some serious post-treat bathing. All of this is very un-Tara-like.

Oscar would have nothing to do with it. True, he thoroughly sniffed it, desperately searching for the deliciousness he was certainly missing—this plated mush was called a “treat” after all. But eventually he looked up at me and said with his green eyes, “For real, lady? This is what you call a treat?”


Over the weekend I learned three things. First, Oscar will gladly forgo two meals if it means he doesn’t have to eat raw rabbit. Second, Oscar will reluctantly allow himself to be tricked into eating raw rabbit, but only if it is mixed generously with Fancy Feast. And finally, I learned that Tara really loves raw rabbit, chicken and ground beef. She’s the real cat in the house.


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  1. 1

    Jen said,

    Funny that you did this. I was just looking in to switching the girls’ food – hadn’t even thought about the cats.

    I can picture the cats sliding across the floor at the word treat. Made me giggle a little! Hope Oscar isn’t missing out on too many meals!

  2. 2

    […] Dr. B. was very knowledgeable and even seemed excited about it. She recommends using a pre-made raw food since it will have the proper nutritional balance. And interestingly, the brand she recommends, Nature’s Variety, is the same brand of the tasty rabbit I bought recently (see my previous two posts on this matter, Of Mice and Kibble and Rabbit Eaters). […]

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